Sarbloh Spoon (Set of 2)


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9996 in stock

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“ਸਰਬਲੋਹ” (“Sarbloh”, pronounced: sarablō) is a unique metal; specifically a high-carbon iron alloy that held (and still holds) great significance in Sikhi, its “Maryada” (code of conduct) and its history. Sarbloh is very significant to Sikhi in a spiritual sense. It is recognized as a gift by the Almighty to this Earthy plane. In fact, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji has even mentioned the supremacy of Sarbloh in his composition “Akal Ustat” which is present in the “Sri Dasam Granth Sahib”. when you cook and serve food in Sarbloh utensils, the food reacts with the metal surface (since iron is very reactant). This results in some of the iron mixing in with your food, so when you eat it, you are getting extra iron; making your food more nutritious and healthy. I mentioned earlier that Sarbloh is a very natural substance, and this could actually be a good reason as to why it’s significant in Sikhi, since Sikhi is all about purity, and admiring nature . BUY THE BEST SARABLOH UTENSILS ON and

Weight 2 kg


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