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Special instructions for turban use

1.SARDAR Exclusive Turban is made of best quality voile cotton in vast variety of colors.

2. Cotton shades do leave out finish of same or another shade on washing but this is an indicator of the cotton content and good quality of the turban.

Polyester never leaves out any finish but then it slips off the head so turban has to be of cotton only for your comfort.

3. Wash each turban separately and dry in shade always.

4. Since turban material is cotton it can shrink in extreme summers so you should order 20 to 40 cm more than what your actual length because there is always a solution to an elongated turban whereas a a turban short in length is of no use .

5. Use gentle wash for turban washing or you can use any handwash or bodywash as it is devoid of any strong chemicals like bleach or soda that are harmful for turban fabric.

6. Turban shade can differ from the photographic picture .

7. Sardar Exclusive provides the best sikh turbans, mukatsari kurta pajama, ladies suits, phulkaris and ladies suits, exquisite sikh accessories and kids accessories.
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